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Buah Merah

Pandanus Conoideus, commonly known as Red Fruit, Buah Merah, Red Pandanus, is a plant that grows in the mountain regions of Papua, Indonesia. The Red Fruit looks like a giant carrot. It can grow in huge sizes around 100 cms in length, 18 cms in diameter length and weighs around 7.5 kgs, with a cylindrical shape. It has immense medicinal applications, which the natives have been using for ages, besides being consumed as a nutritious food supplement.

It is traditionally believed to be an amazing product for the eyes and skin. The fruit is typically prepared by splitting It, wrapping it in leaves and cooking in earth oven.

Red Fruit contains huge amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, especially immune boosters like Tocopherols and beta- carotenoids, Omega 3,6 & 9, minerals like calcium. Red Fruit oil has proven testimonials from many people of Papua and the people consuming this fruit have an unbelievably strong stamina.

During the production time, Red fruit oil process should not exceed certain temperature because high temperatures will increase the level of peroxides. The right process will produce high quality Red Fruit oil. Raw materials used should be red fruit from the high lands above 2,000 m above sea level instead of the lowlands, and ensure that the fruit age is between 4-6 months in order to get high and complete active compound.

For a perfect Rejuvination:

Drink 100 ml of luke warm water early in the morning followed by 5 ml of Viozzy L-care.

Drink another 100 ml of luke warm water.

For children : Half the dose.

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