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Sarang Semut

Indonesia is a nation passed by the equator line, an archipelago of more than 17000 islands. An exotic country with sixty percent of its land being covered by forest, making it one of the countries with richest biodiversities in the world. Scholars have estimated that Indonesia possesses around 30,000 plant species of which only less than 5% have been studied. Scholars around the world have always been interested in these primitive societies still existing in our current world. Some scholars show great interest in the traditional medications practised by these societies, in hope to find potentials for new source of therapeutic agents to answer the most challenging questions in the medical society, especially the Life style diseases and Cancer.

One of the identified medicinal plants is SARANG SEMUT (Myrmecodia pendants). The first information about this plant originated from empirical knowledge of local Papuan society located in Eastern Indonesia. They have been using Sarang Semut plant as medication for various diseases.

Sarang Semut are tubers that grow hanging from branches of tall trees. The plant depends mostly on symbiosis with a certain species of ants for its nutrition. The inside of the plant consists of small labyrinths perfect as an ant nest. The plant provides the ants with safe habitat high up in the trees, protecting them from their predators. Meanwhile the ants provide defense and nutrients for the plant by leaving waste materials inside the body of the plant, which can be absorbed and assimilated by the plant. Sarang Semut plant is a member of the Rubiaceae family with 5 genuses, however only 2 of which have association with ants. They are Myrmecodia and Hypnophytum. Of these species, only Myrmecodia pendants and Myrmecodia tuberose are considered to have remarkable medicinal values and have been used to treat a variety of medical conditions and also used as an amazing wellness and food supplement. Sarang Semut is a proven immunostimulant, broad spectrum anti-oxidant, high in Flavanoids, Tannins, Polyphenols, Tocopherols, minerals like Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus.

For a perfect refreshing Viozzy M-care:

Boil 1 litre of water up to 80º C

Add 1 sachet of M-Care and boil for 1 more minute.

LET it cool for a few minutes and enjoy your perfect cup of

Viozzy M-Care.

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